Increase Your Sales With a Seven Step Digital Marketing Plan

What the MSTeam Digital Marketing Plan is

1. Are you tired of seeing customers choose your rival’s website instead of buying from you?

2. Are you tired of going home everyday and feeling stressed, knowing that you haven’t done even half of what you were supposed to do?

3. Do you get mad every time you think about how much money you spent on solutions and got nothing in return?

4. Your messages get lost on the way instead of convincing customers to buy from you?

5. Do you feel like your website has potential but your business just stays in one place no matter what you do?

If you answered yes on any of the questions asked above, then you need the MSTeam Plan

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

In the moment when you put your customer in 1st place is when you can do SEO correctly. So we offer and advantage that will make your rivals jealous: Well thought out SEO services that will get you on the first page with good strategies and tactics on long term.

We offer you SEO on-site, so that you can assure a better experience for your customers but off-site SEO, constructing a solid profile of backlinks that will bring more people to your website.

Why choose us?

Because we respect our company’s values very much, which also include transparency. You won’t work with an agency that will say “Aah, we’ve done this and that and it looks great!”. No. You will work with us just like your own marketing department: we are completely transparent when it comes to our activity and the results we deliver.

Google AdWords - PPC Campaigns

You have surely heard of Google AdWords, Google’s advertising service. With the help of Google AdWords, we can create relevant, payed advertisements that will place you right in the top places in the Google search engine and allows you to get more visibility for your business online.

Yes, people do click on ads. Yes, PPC campaigns really do work. But only when they’re done properly. Our PPC specialists are capable of constructing profitable campaigns for you, aligned with missions and business goals based on performance, so that every advertisement is optimized to get maximum results for the lowest cost.

Why choose us?

Because you will work with a professional team, who has designed, made and monitored hundreds of PPC campaigns. We know that it’s important for to get the promised results, within the available budget and we will exceed your expectations.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is about conversations. And, even more importantly, personalized convertations. We can offer your personalized social media marketing services that will give you better visibility and your brand’s authority, involving it in a continuous and representative communication with your clients.

That doesn’t mean that it has to be present on all social channels, no matter how many active users there are in the network. We know how to choose the right platform, depending on your industry and your target audience.

Why choose us?

Because we know how to use social media pages in order to unleash your website’s content and sustain the SEO efforts, lead generation and selling. We will work We will work hard in order to develop a strategy, to plan an approach with a 100% success rate and to do everything that means digital marketing, offering you the freedom to grow your business.

Facebook Ads

Do you know where your clients are? Exactly, on Facebook and other social networks. The majority accesses right on their smartphones, tablets etc.

Are you already there or are you losing a huge opportunity that Facebook is offering you? When you do business, no network should be left out. Quite the opposite, it need to be used to it’s maximum potential in the right way and you will have something to gain from it

We will deliver 2 things with the help of Facebook Ads: we consolidate the community that is around your brand, displaying relevant, payed advertisements suited for every objective present in your marketing plan and we will re-target it in order for it to go to your website: to get the abandoned basket of products, to see the products they already visited, to offer you email addresses in order to enter them in your database.

Why choose us?

Because our activities are strictly based on performance and we will continuously adjust campaigns depending on the results, helping you to overtake your competitors and construct a loyal community around your brand and to attract traffic towards your website: your profit will grow, more orders from customers while saving money at the same time.

Lead Generation

We offer personalized lead generation services, firstly analyzing your target audience, the approaches rival companies are taking, that lead to satisfactory emotional decisions for both clients and your brand.

Why choose us?

Because we know how to differentiate one option from the rest. We know that people make emotional decisions, they buy something because they want that something. Technical speeches are something money gets wasted on. So, we offer you complete lead generation services, starting from planning and identifying the selling “funnel” up until A/B testing and marketing automation.

Email Marketing

The messages we create for you are supposed to impress and determine the action.

When the e-mail are personalized, the client will feel like they are a part of your family, that they can trust you when it comes to what you say and what you show them.

When we use other marketing techniques like speeding up the action, the client feels left out and will miss a really big offer- so they are extremely motivated to do what we say.

When we use marketing automation, the client will get fast responses which triggers the feeling of immediate reward and will make them give you a 10 in trustworthiness.

Why choose us?

Because we know how to do all of this. The results, along the activity summary provided will be delivered fully in reports, for maximum transparency and maintaining a professional relationship based on trust. You are in control and now we offer you all the information you need in order for the situation to feel the same.

Conversion rate optimization

Do you wish to see your website sell products towards the same traffic that you still have? Do you want to know the modifications you can do to your website, without ruining the experience of your users and without losing money?

Optimizing the conversion rate is the answer. But if you want concrete results for decent prices, it’s important that you choose a well put together CRO strategy, otherwise you will lose. There are good practices here as well but, just like any other marketing strategy, we will not hide anything from you. Applying our action plan starts with analyzing your niche, the opportunities on the market, identifying the Buyer Persona, Site Audit, the SWOT analysis etc.

Why choose us?

Because we know what you want for your business. Your recovery rate, conversion rate and your earned income are extremely important metrics for the improvement of which puts our experience, abilities and dedication to battle.

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